Put your writing into a system.

Learn the Exact System I Have Used to Create 20 Kindle
Best-Sellers and a Full-Time Income with Kindle Ebooks!

Let me take you by the hand to finally discover the ‘true formula’ for success on Kindle and create your own best-sellers, quickly and easily….

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Join my 4-week private coaching program,
Ebook Creation Mastery

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • How to really create an ebook super fast: the step-by-step plan to having your own high-quality ebooks, ready to sell in less than 3 days.
  • How to come up with a topic that sells like hotcakes.
  • Where to find great content that will instantly class your ebook as ‘high quality’ and make you the authority in your niche.
  • How to arrange your content in the right order.
  • How to format your ebook for Amazon Kindle and other platforms.
  • My super-powerful Kindle marketing formula to help propel your ebook into bestseller status.
  • How to set your ebook up for automatic sales and profits – bringing you income for years to come.
  • and much more.

Course Outline

The most complete training on writing, producing and selling books on the Kindle marketplace available....

If you are serious about having your own best-selling ebooks on Kindle and making a full-time passive income from your Kindle books, this course will show you step-by-step how to get there.

I've done it - and I can show you how too.

Week 1
  • How to select the right topic to write about that will make producing your book as easy and fun as possible, as well as guaranteeing sales.
  • How to find your buyers - the people who are looking for YOUR book.
  • How to gather and arrange your content - the quick and easy way.
  • The simple yet powerful formula for creating a winning title so that people will find and buy your book.
Week 2
  • How to make writing fast and easy for you by creating the right mindset.
  • How to turn yourself into a writing machine.
  • Learn the writing tricks that make producing your book much faster and easier than outsourcing or ghost writing.
  • How to write content that will dazzle your readers and establish YOU as the authority in your field.
Week 3
  • Putting your ebook together using my easy "cut and paste" system.
  • What to include in your book - and what to leave out - to have your readers become raving fans and asking for more.
Week 4
  • Formatting your ebook with my unique Master Template. Learn how to assemble your book in minutes not hours.
  • Additional content to add to your ebook. Your readers will thank you for this!.
  • Quick and easy editing techniques to ensure your ebook is professional and error-free.
  • How to create the ideal cover that will get your book noticed - and selling.
  • How to market your book to create the biggest impact - and the most sales.
  • How to format your book for Kindle (avoid the common mistakes most publishers make that cost them hours of their time, and thousands in lost sales).
  • Kindle Marketing: my personal strategy to propel your book to best-seller status quickly and easily, no matter what market you are writing in.
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My deceivingly simple...

...yet amazingly powerful tricks to write in 30 minutes what it takes others not “in the know” 3-4 hours to write

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All you have to do is to take my formula, open your best word processor and start filling the blanks…

Support and Feedback

You will get my personal support via email whenever you need it. And I will also give you a full review of your book once you have written it.

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Tristan bull

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About  Liam Naden

Speaker, teacher, writer and researcher, Liam works in a variety of fields, including marriage and relationship coaching, life coaching and finance.

Through a unique ebook writing formula he has developed, he has written and published more than 25 Kindle books. Many of them have gone on to become best sellers.

He now teaches others the same method for ebook writing success in the Ebook Creation Mastery coaching program.

If you too want to write and publish your own best-selling ebooks in an easy and enjoyable way, Liam can show you how.

Liam Naden

Liam Naden

Write your First Book now

...A step-by-step system...

This is an awesome product. Ebook writing is by far the best way to make ridiculous money in the online world but so many people struggle with it. Liam has provided a simple step by step system that anyone can put to use and start creating number one best sellers! Awesome stuff

Tristan Bull
Online Marketer

This course is literally outstanding...

.. This course helps you not only to learn the secrets of the most successful authors today by entering into their minds but also teaches to how to market your eBook so it’s successful. If you want to know what really works in the world of online publishing, how to overcome the major obstacles any author will face & how to write and manage your time so you get it done then this course must be your first choice. I am really amazed at the topics covered about eBook creation. I never thought about it. If you really wanna make BIG from eBook creations, Go get it!!

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